Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Serious Senioritis!

"Today, the minutes seem like hours, the hours go so slowly...." I feel that it's okay that I should quote a famous line from a famous musical. That is how the past two days have felt. I've felt that I have wanted to be anywhere but the studio. This doesn't mean I'm not grateful for my job, it simply means I'm ready for the end to be here. It's getting to the point of frustration. Where before I was able to grasp onto each last opportunity-whether I was going to be performing the part or not, as a chance to have one final taste of what I have loved, now I find it becoming increasingly difficult to remain focused. This is especially true for parts that I know I probably won't perform.

A friend made me feel better today about my attitude by explaining how it would be a bad thing if I wasn't feeling this itch to complete all of this and get out right now. That would mean that I was second guessing my decision. Well, I'm definitely not. Yes, I'd like my future plans to be a bit more solid, but oh well! That's not how life necessarily works! Thankfully, I only have two more work days this week!

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