Saturday, February 6, 2010


This was a tiring but rewarding week. Normally, I feel that I've been trying to hold onto every moment, but I'm okay with these moments being behind me. It wasn't a bad week by any means, but there are some times when my body feels just too sore to go on. Perhaps I'll have some days/weeks like this in the theatre world, but I'd be surprised if there are as many. Theatre seems to ebb and flow a bit more. Even if a show is physically demanding, for me, the hardest time is the learning process. Once I'm in a groove and my body knows what to expect, I'm good to go. The balletic learning process is killer because we learn and rehearse for so long before getting to the stage. I never really feel that I get in a rhythmic flow.

Who knows, perhaps I'll find that I am totally off the mark. As I've always stated, I am perfectly fine with finding out that I am wrong with my preconceived notions on my new path. I should just focus on getting there first and then find out what it's like.

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