Saturday, February 13, 2010

Six degrees of separation.

I attended a lovely performance last night of a company I have had the pleasure to work with in the past, Storling Dance Theatre. They specialize in theatrical dance, and it made me realize again how much I love it when movement is used to tell a story. I love abstract works that don't have a plot, but there's just something fun about storytelling with dance. I guess that's the actor in me.

After the performance, I had the pleasure of meeting some of the dancers I had never worked with. As dancers always do, we played the "Hey! you danced with __________? So did I! Do you know _________?!?" As luck would have it, one of the dancers had gone to a certain summer workshop a couple years after I had, and had lived with the same family that I had lived with and lost touch with over the years.

I love knowing how small the world is. I know that is completely cliche, but I love it. It comforts me because I am a person who places a lot of value on networking. Of course I network for work opportunities, but I also aim to network "sincerely." What I mean by this is that I love making friends and keeping them. I find safety in knowing that I know people across the country and across the globe that I can genuinely call "friends."

As I am transitioning, I find that I'm needing to feel this comfort more than ever. These are the people who help pull me through easy and hard times, and I will in turn be able to do the same for them. Meeting someone who was also close to people I had been close to at a point in my life instantly made me feel as if I'd met a distant family member for the first time.

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