Monday, February 1, 2010


For many years, I have been told that I have good posture. Often, I've had people ask me to "please slouch" because it makes them uncomfortable how straight I stand, sit or otherwise carry myself. Well, lest they think that I am perfect, I will point out something that I've discovered of late that I need to correct.

Dancers at rest, stand on two feet, but they usually have their weight distributed to one foot or the other with their feet semi-turned out. I have learned that this is NOT how most "normal" people stand! It's actually driving me a bit coo-coo as I have become aware of it recently! When I force myself to stand with my weight equally distributed between both feet with them slightly spread apart and parallel, I am so uncomfortable, I'm almost in pain.

I am enjoying this challenge. I consider it a "character study" of sorts. I've been made aware of something so natural about the people around me that I had never really noticed before. It's fun to make discoveries. Even if they are simple ones.


  1. ha ha! could it be that your anteversion-angle is a bit different to other people? :)
    Probably not.. but surely you - and many other dancers - are just sooo used to standing that way, that any other way feels odd.


  2. indeed, it does feel weird! I'd better get over it!