Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Full Circle (continuing.)

One of my closest high school friends is staying with me while her Broadway tour is in town. This is significant to me because she was one of my first house-guests in my loft years ago. Moving into my apartment, I swore that it would be a safe place for friends and family. I've been fortunate to entertain many people during the six years I've been here.

It's strange to think of the "shoe box" I'll probably be moving into in New York! I wonder what it will be like? Will I even be able to entertain guests? I am simply thrilled about the adventure.

I am so glad to have my friend here because I've been feeling a bit down and in need of some familiarity. She's here this week, and next week my parents will be here for my last Winter Series. Things are looking up.


  1. Good luck with all these last things--and all the new things. I'll always be in your corner pulling for you!