Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ballet Ball.

This weekend is the annual KC Ballet Ballet Ball. This is the large society-page fundraiser for the ballet. Tonight, I attended the pre-ball cocktail party, and it was a lovely event. It was held at the KC Royals stadium "Diamond Club," and I must say that even if the Royals tend to strike out as a team, they definitely have a lovely place to play! There was footage of the company dancing on the mega-tron. It was incredible.

What was moving to me were the people who spoke to me and thanked me for my work here over the past ten years. More than being praised for my performance which is always wonderful, don't get me wrong, I was touched by a lady who thanked me for always being kind to her children when they were in the school. I've had similar experiences with this before, but it is still nice to be reminded that I am leaving behind a good social legacy as well as an artistic one.

This made me think about a facet of the job I am leaving that I hadn't given any thought to. There is going to be a quiet void when I'm not around school kids on a daily basis. Of course, this could be nice some may say, but I realize at this moment, I have been in the halls of a ballet school for the last nineteen years. (almost) Whether as a student or a company member, I have listened to the roar of excited kids chattering for such a long time, and suddenly, that is going to be gone. It will be similar at the dance schools I attend in order to stay in shape in NY, but it will never be the same as being in my own "home." In a strange way, I'm going to miss the little rascals getting in my way and talking too loudly. I'm really going to miss seeing them look up to me. I'm honored if they were able to at all.

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