Friday, March 5, 2010

KCB Audition 2010

Today is the Ballet's annual audition here in Kansas City. I stop to ponder again the weight that my leaving has on someone else's life that I probably have never even met. The ballet world is swamped more than ever right now with talented artists young and old vying for an extremely limited number of spots. Once upon a time, I was that dancer who was fortunate enough to get a spot in this company.

It is still my hope as I've said before that whoever comes in will be hungry and eager to not only dance and be successful, but that he will be a good fit for this company that I have called home. As a dancer, it was always bittersweet when someone would leave the company because while I grieved the loss of a co-worker, I looked forward with curiosity-and sometimes competitive dread-upon the next person who would come on.

I wonder what it will be like when my replacement is found? Doubt they'll ride a unicycle. Who knows?

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