Saturday, March 20, 2010


I saw a movie today with a recently awarded Oscar winning actor, and I was inspired once more by a different kind of acting. What a skill it is to be able to portray life on film. On stage, I am always a caricature. Even in the most realistic and simple parts, as a ballet dancer, I am conveying a message through an unrealistic medium. As a musical theatre dancer/actor, it is the same because people don't spontaneously break into song in real life. Well, I do, but with the economic crisis, it became too expensive to keep my orchestra on salary.

Straight stage acting gets closer to realism sometimes, but movies such as the one I saw amaze me. For me it would be so hard to play a normal person. I don't always feel that I do so well in real life! To be able to go in and out of scenes, sometimes out of order even, is an incredible skill. Skills like this are things that I look forward to working on and learning more about developing in this next phase.

I love finding pockets of inspiration that are related to what I am doing now and transitioning into. For the current, it helps me be excited about finishing my last couple of months here, and for the future, it simply gets me jazzed up about what may be to come.

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