Thursday, March 18, 2010

Taking it all in.

I have begun taking notice of all of the many places around Kansas City that hold memories to me as I pass them. Today, I parked in front of the house in which I used to live. It gave me the idea of a new project-one that won't be too difficult. I'm going to take my video camera and drive around making sure I get videos of the places I have lived and any place that has meant something to me.

So many times we think that we will always be able to remember things that are monumental to us, but often we lose those memories as the years go by. Since I have made this my first home, I want to hold onto as many memories as I can, and I think that filming is an excellent way to do this.

Where I have lived has been every bit as important to me during my career here as the roles I have danced. I don't want to forget my home.

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