Sunday, March 21, 2010

The suspense!!!

Tomorrow is the day that the dancers' contracts are due back. This post is a follow up to the one where I wrote about feeling strange to not have a contract to do anything with. It really makes me feel like an outsider. I'm pretty numb to it though. I don't have a major emotional reaction one way or the other at this moment. I'm just anxious to get on with the season.

I'm enjoying having some time off still. I'm being fairly productive although not as much as I'd like to be. I'm sure everyone feels this way regardless of what they're working on.

This coming weekend I'll be heading to Branson, Missouri to co-host the Mrs. Missouri America pageant. That will be a fun and definitely different experience. I'm looking forward to taking to the stage in a new way.

I also have found out that I will be in Kansas City a bit longer now. I will stay until May 22 as I have been hired to perform in a gala for a local theatrical organization. I am excited about that, and I'm thrilled that I will make my rent in one night of performing! Now, to get a place to pay rent for......

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