Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Great Scott!

The amount of things that are flying out the door of my apartment makes me aware of how quickly things accumulate. It makes me excited about trying to live a bit more simply. I guess I'll have to wait and see how long I can manage to keep that mindset. They say that the only way to cure oneself of being a "Pack-Rat" is to move. Hopefully I'll find "them" to be correct.

Tomorrow we start back at work. The rehearsal load is fairly light. We're mostly preparing for our Ballet Ball in which the company presents a little waltzy thing. I've loved my days off, and they've been pretty productive. I'm happy about going back to work, but I'm anxious to see the clock winding down.

I've been thrilled by the overwhelming support of people after the last series of shows. I was flattered by questions such as "Now, why are you retiring?!?" and "Are you sure you want to go?!?" This is exactly what I've always dreamed of-leave at the top of my game, well, at least while the audience thinks I still am! After all, it is their opinion of my dancing matters the most to me, and if they are still enjoying my performance, then my work is a success.

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