Sunday, March 14, 2010


I'm back safe and sound in Kansas City after what turned out to be a successful weekend romp in St. Louis. I won't know if I booked any of the shows until two weeks from now, but I consider the audition experience to have been a positive one.

We began with re-learning the two combinations from yesterday. Then, only a handful of us were asked to remain on stage to learn a different section from "Damn Yankees." It was a more sensually stylized section, and it was fun. I had to learn quickly which is a good challenge for me. After that, we were all asked to sing. I was only a few people from the end, so it felt like an eternity before I finally made it to the stage.

Then, in the blink of an eye, my music was playing, and wait! Someone two people in front of me was singing the song I had chosen to sing. It's even a fairly uncommon one. I had to laugh about the situation. I'm sure it won't be the last time this happens. It also happened to two other guys. The only difference I can really see is that usually, in auditions you don't sing in front of all the auditionees. It went well however, and I felt good about it. I even did pretty well at the few little tap steps that we were asked to show after we sang.

After the audition was over and we were being taken away to be measured, I waved "thank you" to one of the choreographers who then came across the stage to where I was on the floor to shake my hand. He told me enthusiastically that he really enjoyed my work. I was and still am on cloud nine. That to me was enough to keep me staying even more positive. Now, I have to try to go on with life and wait to hear what happens.

I am happy that I had such a great time "performing." When we were learning the new section today, I thought about what a great opportunity it was to get to learn even small snippets of choreography from such great shows. I also thought as I watched and listened to everyone sing how amazing it is to see everyone's enthusiasm about this truly wonderful American tradition. As for the whole, "do theatre after retiring from ballet because you don't have to be as good" theory-it's time to wake up! I'm going to have to really work to stay in shape and be comparable to these young "kids." There were some really nice dancers. I have a renewed drive after seeing their enthusiasm. It was contagious.

When's the next audition?!? Let's go!

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