Monday, March 8, 2010

St. Louis.

I am excited for this weekend, I will head to St. Louis, Missouri to audition for an extremely popular outdoor summer theatre. They are doing four great dance shows, and I'm thrilled to be able to make it across the state. It's a two day event-well, hopefully. The audition is on Saturday, and the call-backs are on Sunday. Either way, I have my car and hotel booked for both days, so I'll be having a little vacation to St. Louis! A friend of mine from the ballet is going with me, so we should have a fun time. It's nice to get away, but more than that, I get another chance to perform! Auditioning is fun! I'm going to keep saying that until I truly believe it! There's no need to fear it because I'm getting ready to jump into doing A LOT of them.

I've also been spending some time in tap classes. Tap is something that I have only begun working on in the last couple of years, and not very consistently at that. However, it is something that I need to be able to do, and fortunately, I enjoy it. It's a frustrating puzzle to me, but I'm determined to be as accomplished at it as I can be.

I took a class before I taught tonight and one after. To learn something later in life, one sometimes has to swallow ones pride. I'm used to being the tallest and oldest when I take students' classes, but in this case, the first class I took was consisted of kids eleven years old and perhaps younger. Oh well! I need the basics! The class after that was teen to adult, and it had a mixture of levels. Both classes were challenging. Hey, I'll keep doing it! It would be a shame not to be able to be hired for something simply because I was too proud to embarrass myself in front of kids when I had the opportunity to learn from great teachers. I also hope that by my being in class where the students can see me pushing myself to learn something that they are more experienced than their own teacher in, I will inspire them to continue learning throughout their lives. After all, you never really know who's watching.

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